'its too hot to wear all black'


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Titiana Inglis aw 14 ‘Isostasy’


Titiana Inglis aw 14 ‘Isostasy’

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  • King of France: and why the fuck would we send money and assistance to those resisting their sovereign??
  • Advisor: well it would be a big 'fuck you' to England
  • King of France: send funds to America

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this totokaelo styling is strong as fuck

Yohji Yamamoto :: Baggy Convertable Overalls

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Some Neon Genesis Evangelion rough illustrations by animator Yutaka Nakamura. Check out his MAD videos—-he’s known among animators for his really fluid fight scenes. He was actually a key animator on the original NGE TV series, and yes, that’s Doraemon with Unit 01 in the second picture.

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A reminder to stay filthy, kittens, from one of my favorites, Franz von Bayros.

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